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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the second most common neurological issue in the US. I get asked often what causes back pain, of course every situation is an individual experience. I thought to share with you some of the known causes for lower back pain to help you determine if massage therapy is an avenue you can benefit from. Most lower back pain can follow trauma and injury to the back. Studies have shown that massage therapy is useful for lower back pain.

Here's a quick reference list :

* Aging decreases muscle elasticity and tone, and bone strength.

* Vertebrae discs lose fluid and flexibility decreasing the cushion between vertabraes

* Lifting an object that is too heavy

* Overstretching for an object

* Compression of nerve roots

* Bone lesions

* Obesity

* Poor posture

* Smoking

* Stress


* Disc disease

* Osteoporosis

* Too much sitting at work ( try a standing desk to limit the amount of sitting )

* Poor sleeping positions

* Poor physical condition

* Congenital abnormalities of the spine

* Scar tissue

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