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Leah  Silverman

     Leah Silverman is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.  She graduated from Milan Institute, Sparks, Nevada in June of 2013 from a 720 hour accredited Massage Therapy Program with 140 hours  of on Campus Spa Internship. Leah is an insured professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, is CPR, HIPPA and First Aid Certified.  Using her intuitive sense of touch and knowledge of anatomy she believes massage therapy assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Her clients appreciate her ability to provide their desired pressure and relieve chronic pain aiding in the opportunity to change muscle memory. Whether you desire the need for relaxation and the rhythm of soothing touch or have chronic knots and injuries that need to be addressed, she enjoys using different techniques from many modalities to provide the necessary relief.


Over the past few years Leah began a more extensive education in energy medicine, Learning meditation, running energy, chakra clearing, energy body reading, cord cutting, intuitive medical classes and other great soul healing modalities.  Creating a life changing journey she embraced the natural gifts she was born with allowing her to become available for others by offering private sessions to help them learn and build their own intuitive skills. 

Sound therapy using Tuning Forks to clear and balance the body on a cellular level will now be offered as well. Based on scientific research sound enters the body resonating throughout all tissues removing energetic blocks aiding in homeostasis

     Leah also enjoys a physical lifestyle and understands the demands of an athlete as well as the injuries that can accompany these activities. She became certified in Facial Release Cupping Tools in September of 2017 and incorporates gliding and stagnate techniques into her massages.

  Becoming a Nevada resident in 1988 she immediately fell into the Sierra lifestyle of hiking, biking, and camping.  When she’s not working Leah can be found exploring the outdoors, at the gym, painting or spending quality time with her family and dogs.  

Massage Modalities and Training:

*Fundamentals of Energy Medicine Healing *Facial Freedom Therapy Cupping

* Swedish     * Aromatherapy        *Cryotherapy

* Chair Massage    * Deep Tissue      *Hydrotherapy

* Reflexology      * Kinesiology      *Sports Massage

* Hot Stone Therapy      * Shiatsu    *Prenatal Massage

* Passive Joint Mobilization/ROM 

* Body Wraps/Body Scrubs

* Acupressure/Energetic Bodywork                      

* Pediatric/Elderly Massage

* Myofascial Release 

* Therapeutic Application of Essential Oils

* Inner Sound Tuning Fork Therapy

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