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I thought it was imorptant to share with you the difference between a soothing massage that creates circulation and relaxation in the feet, hands and ears and a therapeutic Reflexology massage.

The history of Reflexology is based on the ancient theory revolving around the idea that all living creatures are filled with an energy force. This force is sometimes called Qi, Ki, Chi or Prana. Our bodies are divided into 10 zones where this energy flows. A healthy body allows this energy to flow freely. A body that has congestion or tension affects these zones and this is where the reflexology massage comes into play. Applying pressure to these zones of congestion free up the toxins and impeded energy. Pressure is applied using knuckles, thumbs or hand tools. When the energy can flow more freely the organs and tissues can obtain homeostasis, constancy of the body's internal environment.

Your Licensed Massage Therapist will complete a thorough intake consultation to get a full picture of your current health prior to a Reflexology session.


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