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Improving Your Health & Wellness Through Massage Therapy

I discovered massage when I was increasing my physical activity and found my muscles were becoming progressively tighter and I began to experience limited flexibility. I thought I would give massage a try and see what happened. After receiving several massages I found I was able to perform better during my workouts, I had better range of motion, my legs became easier to move and I could lift more weight. Now years later I still weight lift, swim, and hike regularly and truly believe massage keeps me active in the game of life. My pain levels have reduced and I am more body aware. Body aware is when you are in tune with how your body functions. In our daily routines we can find ourselves busy, pushing through the day ignoring the aches and pains, "dealing with it" and our minds push these signals to the background. Over time we become disconnected with the signs or symptoms our bodies give us to help us obtain a healthy lifestyle. Maybe we're dehydrated or need more sleep. Through massage we start to feel again. As a Licensed Massage Therapist I truly enjoy helping people become aware of those tight muscles or sore joints so that they can effectively modify their daily activity to help heal their bodies. When pain is ever present it begins to affect mental wellness. Sadness, grumpiness and negativity can creep into a person’s day when they are living with pain. Through massage therapy, reduction in pain is achieved by increasing circulation, loosening the connective tissue through muscle manipulation, positional releases and stretches. Stress alone can tighten muscles, lessen circulation and increase pain levels. Massage releases dopamine and serotonin allowing your body to relax naturally.

The New Year is approaching and like many others I try to think of ways to learn something new or achieve a goal I've set. If you want to improve your health and find stress and pain relief try massage. I know it has genuinely helped improve my life and I would like the opportunity to help improve yours through massage as well.

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